About Us

How we are helping


The Cajun Commissary is a citizen action organization focused on empowering volunteers responding and supporting citizen led relief organizations, non-profits, faith based organizations and municipal agencies with distribution, acquisitions and project based initiatives for communities affected by crisis.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Setting up volunteer distribution centers
  • Temporary shelters and disaster relief kitchen facilities
  • Distributing emergency supplies/volunteer training 
  • Establishing volunteer support camps
  • Social media
  • Community events
  • Assisting animal rescue organizations with volunteer network support

The Cajun Commissary is not a 501c3, we are a  volunteer acquisition, distribution, assembly and support team that creates and oversees every physical aspect of each mission.

 We are a “Boots On The Ground” team. 

Contributions and  mission sponsorships are available.

Water Filters - For Humanitarian relief

Our Current Mission


Our current mission Is to supply as many  water filtration units as possible to the survivors of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamian Islands. 

The 5 gallon water filtration units and  24oz personal survival water filter bottles are available for Humanitarian Relief through the Cajun Commissary.

For more information about Tax Deductible Donations and individual water filter sponsorships please visit our Water Filters page