The Great Flood of Louisiana 2016

 Torrential downpours in Louisiana led to catastrophic flooding in August 2016, submerging entire communities and displacing thousands of residents. Volunteers did whatever they could to help – rescuing stranded people, organizing food, shelter and providing security. 

In their own words, members of the self-styled Cajun Commissary, Cajun Army, Cajun Special Forces, and Cajun Navy’ tell the inspirational story of how a natural disaster inspired unity, change, and healing.   

About Us

We Get Things Done


Our moto is “See a need, meet a need”. 

The Cajun Commissary is a citizen action network focused on empowering communities by supporting citizen led relief organizations, non-profits, faith based organizations, corporate sponsors and municipal agencies with distribution, acquisitions and project based initiatives.

We join forces with leaders in the Community, leaders in Industry, and leaders in Government to form teams who work hand in hand to establish operations with the sole objective of responding to the most critical needs of those affected by and responding to natural disasters. 

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Product procurement
  • Project Management
  • Setting up volunteer distribution centers
  • Temporary shelters and disaster relief kitchen facilities
  • Distributing emergency supplies/volunteer training 
  • Establishing volunteer support camps
  • Social media
  • Community events
  • Assisting animal rescue organizations with volunteer network support

The Cajun Commissary is not a 501c3, we are a  volunteer acquisition, distribution, assembly and support team that creates and oversees every physical aspect of each mission.

 We are a “Boots On The Ground” team. 

Contributions and  mission sponsorships are always welcomed.

Our Current Missions

The Fire Fighter Project


Firefighters are the first ones in and the last ones out. 

They always respond when we need them, and now it is time for us to respond to them.

This project is lead by an international team of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and humanitarians who have united to implement the technology needed to address and solve the health and safety issues facing firefighters globally.

Operation Fungi Buster


Through sponsorship funding we are planning to bring Nano-Star's FGC Fungi Buster, the ultimate solution to eliminate mold and fungi problems to the residents of the Bahamas. 

FGC is a unique formulation that penetrates into the pores of substrates to locate fungi roots. It then suspends the foreign particle and powerfully removes it. 

This eradicates the problem COMPLETELY preventing regrowth. Simply wash off after curing

The mission launch date to be announced soon

911 Water Filter


Our current mission Is to supply as many  water filtration units as possible to the communities affected by natural disasters and water crisis situations. 

Installed and mobile water filtration units and 32oz personal survival water filter bottles are available for purchase and for Humanitarian Relief through the Cajun Commissary.

For more information about Tax Deductible Donations and individual water filter purchase or sponsorship's please visit our Water Filters page