Fire Terminator


Fire Terminator is a leading global manufacturer of non-toxic fire suppression solutions and equipment for commercial, industrial, and private applications. Fire Terminator formulas do not support combustion thereby suppressing any fire faster, safer, and easier than any other product available on the market today.

The current mission is to help restore fire suppression supplies to the devastated fire units on the islands of the Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian. 

The Fire Terminator Team also has  created a formula to enhance the firefighter personal protective equipment to increase the fire resistance of the gear.

Research & Development

The Fire Terminator team has identified key weaknesses in the firefighter’s personal protective equipment:  the bottom of their boots.

If the sole of the boots comes in contact with extreme ground surface heat while fighting a fire, it can melt, putting the Fire Fighter's life at risk and hindering the teams ability suppress the fire. 

*The Fire Terminator Team currently has developed a solution to manufacture a boot sole that will not melt or burn when exposed to extreme heat 

(details and prototypes will be released at a future date).

Fire Terminator

Meet Dr. Judah Jay, Founder/Scientist/Inventor of Fire Terminator

This video is featured on the Nas Daily Planet Warrior Show Episode 4!

Emergency Support Needed

Fire Suppression Equipment is needed immediately in the Bahamas

The debris fields and damaged homes in the Bahamas are burning. First responders with Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project and volunteers have no way to pump water or fire suppressant to fight these fires. They do their best to keep the fire from spreading by using 5 gallon buckets and dirt. 

We can and will help them.  

In conjunction with the Florida State Fighfighters Association, Fire Terminator, Cajun Commissary, and Flow Organics, small portable high pressure jet fire suppression units that can pump sea water, and non toxic fire suppressant are needed immediately in the Bahamas. 

The manufacturer, Fire Terminator that has agreed to provide them at cost. Cost is about $700 each. They need at least 5, plus the suppressant. 

Please consider pledging any amount or sponsoring one unit.

All donations will go through the Florida State Firefighters Association For H.A.R.P. and The Hope Town Fire Department.

Think about it, pray about it, talk about it. 

Lets help out!

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The Abaco Fires

Battling the blaze with buckets and dirt.