Operation Fire House

The goal of Operation Fire House is to have a water filtration system installed in every Fire House across the United States of America.  

Operation Fire House will be launched with the following team: 

  • Florida State Firefighters Association - funds recipient/Implementation Management
  • Cajun Commissary- Program Operations Manager
  • Flow Organics International  - Procurement  Specialist  &  Project Management 

Protection from contaminants inside the Fire House are just as important as protection from contaminants out in the field.

The Fire House is where they cook, eat, sleep, shower, wash their clothes and uniforms, hold meetings, family gatherings and maintain all of the equipment for responding to any emergency.  

Having point of use water filtration installed for cooking, drinking, showers, laundry, water fountains, and water hoses will greatly increase the health of the Fire Fighters on a long term basis.  

Details to be released soon.