Puerto Rico Coffee Exchange

About Us

The Puerto Rico Coffee Exchange is a program created by the Cajun Commissary to promote the delicious flavors of Puerto Rican coffee grown on the island. 

Puerto Rico’s coffee is some of the best in the world. It is hand picked, grown in the volcanic soil of the mountains and bathed in the salty sea air of the Caribbean.  

During our humanitarian missions following the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in 2017 we discovered that the coffee on the island was some of the best we had ever tasted and knew we had to find a way to share it with everyone!  

This page features some of our favorite coffee haciendas and is the perfect way to continue to support the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. 

It is truly an exchange of blessings.  

How it works

Each "Buy Now" button is  a direct link to the featured company's website. 



Cafe Lealtad 8oz Bag Ground Coffee



Di Laris 8oz Bag Ground Coffee



Cafe Hacienda Lealtad 12oz Whole Bean Coffee in a custom wooden barrel



Cafe Oro de Puerto Rico 8oz Ground Coffee



Cafe Oro de Puerto Rico 24k Ground Premium Coffee 5lb bag