The Fire Fighter Project is an international initiative and partnership facilitated through the Cajun Commissary, Flow Organics International, and the Florida State Firefighters Association with Clearbrook, Nano Star, Fire Terminator, FINTECK and Aquapax. 

This team of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and humanitarians have one goal in mind; to improve the lives and health of Firefighters by introducing new technology in the fields of Water Filtration, Green Nanotechnology Protection, Non-Toxic Fire Suppression Solutions, and Antimicrobial Laser Micro Surfacing.

This team has identified specific issues affecting Firefighters globally, and developed the technology to address and solve those problems. 

Protecting those who protect all, will improve the health, safety, and services Firefighters provide across the world. 

Firefighters are dealing with many issues including the following:


Water Filtration Needs: Before, During and After the Fire

Problems & Solutions


  • (Before The Fire) - Removing contaminants from the water used everyday at the Fire House is critical to protecting the health of all Firefighting personnel. 
  • (During The Fire) - Clearbrook has designed a water filter for the pumper truck allowing the tank water to be used as clean drinking water during and after the fire.
  • (After The Fire) - Using clean water on scene to remove the carcinogenic contaminants from Personal Protective Equipment after the fire is critical to help reduce the risk of serious health issues such as cancer.


Problem 1: Dirty Pumper Truck water is not safe to drink


The firefighters use the water in the pumper trucks for much more than just knocking down fires. They also sometimes have to drink it:

  • clean drinking water is not always readily available at the scene of a fire
  • when overcome with the heat of the fire and physical exertion of fighting the fire the firefighters will drink from the Pumper Truck tank out of desperation for hydration. 
  • this often leads to gastrointestinal illness or worse

Problem 2: Decontaminating with contaminated water


 During the course of knocking down a fire the firefighter’s personal protection equipment and gear becomes contaminated with soot, carcinogenic debris, chemicals omitting from the structure, and toxic fire suppression foam etc....

  • the carcinogenic debris needs to be washed off at the scene of the fire to prevent the firefighter from transferring these contaminants to the interior of the cab of the truck, their personal vehicles, and even more importantly their homes and families.
  •  Decontamination  using possibly contaminated water is not the best solution.

Problem 3: Hidden contaminants in local drinking water sources


 The most basic of health defenses begin with access to clean water. Many firefighters are fighting the odds because cancer rates within the firefighter profession are increasing. Hidden contaminants are often found in local water sources. 

 The Fire House is where they cook, eat, sleep, shower, wash their clothes and uniforms, hold meetings, family gatherings and maintain all of the equipment for responding to any emergency.  

Protecting the health of the firefighters inside the Fire House is just as important as protecting them from contaminants out in the field.    


Solution 1: Pumper Truck Water Filter


 Clearbrook has engineered a two stage water filter to remove contaminants from the Pumper Truck water, providing an effective solution to help the firefighters utilize the water for safer, more thorough on scene decontamination and consumption when necessary.  

With the water filter in place, the Pumper Truck could be utilized in times of crisis as a mobile potable water unit. 

Solution 2: Water Filtration for the Fire House


 Providing water filtration inside the Fire House is an important part of protecting firefighters beyond the fire.  Having point of use water filtration installed for cooking, drinking, showers, laundry, water fountains, and water hoses will greatly increase the health of the firefighters on a long term basis. 

Protecting the ones who protect us. 

Decontamination Procedures After The Fire

Fire Terminator


Fire Terminator is a leading global manufacturer of non-toxic fire suppression solutions and equipment for commercial, industrial, and private applications. Fire Terminator formulas do not support combustion thereby suppressing any fire faster, safer, and easier than any other product available on the market today.

The current mission is to help restore fire suppression supplies to the devastated fire units on the islands of the Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian. 

The Fire Terminator Team also has  created a formula to enhance the firefighter personal protective equipment to increase the fire resistance of the gear.

Research & Development

The Fire Terminator team has identified key weaknesses in the firefighter’s personal protective equipment:  the bottom of their boots.

If the sole of the boots comes in contact with extreme ground surface heat while fighting a fire, it can melt, putting the Fire Fighter's life at risk and hindering the teams ability suppress the fire. 

*The Fire Terminator Team currently has developed a solution to manufacture a boot sole that will not melt or burn when exposed to extreme heat 

(details and prototypes will be released at a future date).

Fire Terminator

Meet Dr. Judah Jay, Founder/Scientist/Inventor of Fire Terminator

This video is featured on the Nas Daily Planet Warrior Show Episode 4!


Nanotechnology Protection Solutions for Personal Protective Equipment


The Nano Star Team have scientifically engineered Nano solutions to make the personal protective equipment and gear more resistant to the elements including, water, mildew, and carcinogenic contaminants.  

 The personal protective equipment and gear worn by the Fire Fighting personnel can become degraded, mildewed and lose its resistance to the elements over time, requiring expensive replacements every few years. 

  Research & Development

Nano Star and the Fire Terminator team are actively collaborating to develop a scientifically engineered solution that will make the personal protective equipment fire proof, as well as water proof, mold and mildew resistant, reducing the ability of soot and carcinogenic contaminants to embed into the fibers and surfaces of the personal protective equipment. 

FINTECK antimicrobial micro surfacing technology to reduce algae and mold growth inside the water tank of the Pumper Trucks.


FINTECK is a Veteran Owned company based out of the United States with patented laser micro surfacing solutions.    

The inside of the Pumper Truck Water tank can become coated with mold, mildew and algae

This affects every aspect of the Fire Fighting unit. 

*The FINTECK solution is to place a biomimicry based antimicrobial micro surfacing application inside the water tank of the Pumper Trucks. This will greatly reduce the amount of microbiological contaminant growth inside the tank. 

Agua Munda/Clearbrook Solution - Providing mobile water filtration units for each fire station to be used in the field, on scene, at public events or at any location requiring portable clean water services. This will also help each fire house reduce the amount of single use plastic water bottles used on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.


When packaged water is needed, Aquapax provides an eco-friendly alternative to the single use toxic plastic water bottles filling up our landfills and littering our oceans.


Although single use plastic water bottles are polluting our oceans and water ways, bottled water is often needed, so using a responsibly sourced product is the key to reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Aguapax is sustainably sourced natural spring water in paper based cartons which are reusable, recyclable, and non-leaching.

In order to cover every aspect of water provision for the Firefighters, packaged water is often needed in the course of their duties, and in times of crisis.

 In order to find an alternative solution to single use plastic water bottles, we have partnered with the manufacturer Aquapax. They produce the highest quality bottled water in eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-leaching and reusable tetra-pak containers.