Clearbrook Survival Water Filter Bottle

911 Water Filter - Bahamas

Our current mission Is to supply as many  water filtration units as possible to the survivors of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamian Islands. 

The 5 gallon water filtration units and  24oz personal survival water filter bottles are available for Humanitarian Relief through the Cajun Commissary.

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The Fire Fighter Project

Improving the lives and protecting the health of our heroes


The Fire Fighter Project is an international collaboration of scientist, engineers, and corporations with one goal in mind; to improve the lives and health of firefighters by introducing new technology in the fields of Water Filtration, Green Nanotechnology Protection for Personal Protective Equipment, and Non-Toxic Fire Suppression Solutions,  and Antimicrobial Laser Micro Surfacing.

“How we treat the least of us, is the measure of all of us”

Cajun Commissary

The Cajun Commissary is a citizen led relief network, supporting all faith based organizations, volunteers, non-profits, corporations and municipal agencies with acquisition, distribution, recovery, and project based initiatives for communities affected by crisis.  

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